We can create healthier communities together

We are fortunate. Many people who have been touched by our programs are grateful for what CPI has given them–everything from peace of mind to an understanding of themselves that lets them live productive, contented lives. And they want to give back to us so that others can have the same experience.

These grateful patients, family of patients, students, and faculty keep our training alive through their donations, time, resources, and sponsorship. They and other groups who have partnered with us allow us to create new programs, offer scholarships, and sustain our core purpose.

If you are part of an organization that serves families, children, women, veterans, the elderly or the less fortunate, or a professional association, an educational institution, or someone involved in creating a healthier community, consider how you might work with us:

♦  As a sponsor of a joint educational program
♦  Creating synergy around issues that affect us all
♦  Collaborating with us on training programs
♦  Raising awareness of mental health issues

We’re committed to championing mental health in our community. We welcome your support in this effort. Whether you donate your time, your money, the resources of your organization or your expertise, we will use your donation wisely. Thank you very much.