Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program (CAPP)
New class forming now to begin in September, 2020
A 2-year post-graduate program offering we
ekly sessions 

 The goal of the CAPP program is to provide participants with an exposure to concepts that inform psychodynamic therapy with children and adolescents. One central focus is on the application of these concepts to a variety of clinical settings, including clinics, agencies, community mental health centers, hospitals, and private practice. The program provides a solid grounding in psychoanalytic principles while being attentive to the realities of clinical practice in the current mental health environment. The challenges and practicalities of providing in-depth treatment are discussed throughout the curriculum. CAPP offers practitioners the opportunity to deepen and broaden skills in individual psychodynamic psychotherapy with children and adolescents, clinical assessment, and parent work.

The two-year class curriculum consists of two tracks: Concepts, Technique/Clinical Conference. The Concepts track includes psychoanalytic approaches to developmental theory and to psychopathology in children and adolescents. 

The Technique/Clinical Conference classes combine case presentations and readings. They cover psychodynamic approaches to assessment, parent work, and therapeutic interventions with children and adolescents at different developmental stages, combining clinical material with readings.  Participants present clinical material from the assessment and treatment phases of their work. There is an emphasis on psychoanalytic approaches to understanding the material and formulating interventions.

In addition, students receive weekly individual consultation sessions from a member of the CPI faculty. The consultation program is a highly individualized process in which the student and the consultant discuss the details of the clinical process.

Students are encouraged to engage in-depth personal psychotherapy while participating in the CAPP program. This is not a requirement, but it is strongly recommended.

The CAPP tuition is $2800 per year.  Consultation is provided at the discounted fee of $60 per session.

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For more information concerning the CAPP program, contact: 

Brett Clarke, MSW                                             Sydney Anderson, PhD
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(513) 961-8830                                                       (812) 331-2800