Tillie Krug Child Analytic Training Program (CATP)

The Institute offers two training tracks for persons wishing to become child psychoanalysts. Adult psychoanalytic candidates or adult psychoanalysts are eligible to apply for admission to the three-year program offered through the Southeastern Child Analytic Consortium, which is a collaborative program of CPI and the New Orleans-Birmingham Psychoanalytic Center.

Persons who are not adult candidates or psychoanalysts can apply for child-focused analytic training. The program, like the adult-focused training, is a five-year course of study. The program is based on a training model that includes participation in weekly classes for five years, clinical consultation, and a personal training analysis.  

The five-year curriculum of weekly classes includes courses focused on historical and contemporary psychoanalytic concepts and theories, technical issues involved in child psychoanalysis, and clinical conferences. Some of the courses are taken with adult-focused candidates enrolled in the ATP. Others are provided through the three-year curriculum offered by the Southeastern Child Analytic Consortium, and some courses are offered by CPI for child-focused candidates. Classes take place 30 weeks per year, 4 ½ hours per week.   After completion of the five-year curriculum, child candidates attending ongoing study groups and clinical conferences until the time of graduation.  

Child-focused candidates obtain experience in the provision of at least three psychoanalyses with children and adolescents. Prior to beginning an analytic case, each candidate meets weekly with a consultant to focus on intensifying treatment with children and adolescents being seen in psychotherapy, in order to facilitate entry into psychoanalysis when that is indicated. Candidates participate in weekly consultation sessions for the first two analytic control cases, and regular but possibly less frequent sessions for subsequent cases.  The Consultation program is a highly individualized process, focusing on the moment-to-moment interactions between the candidate and the analytic patient.

Each candidate is in psychoanalysis with a Training Analyst. The personal analysis is an integral part of the candidate’s psychosocial development and training. The Institute is informed of the start and end dates of the candidate’s analysis and the name of the Training Analyst, but other than the candidate’s analysis is a persona and confidential process that involves only the candidate and his or her analyst.


Full participation in the activities of the Institute is available to any qualified person regardless of race, color, creed, age, gender, marital status, disability, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.


To inquire about admissions procedures, please contact:

Sydney Anderson, PhD
Chair, Child Analytic Training Program
Email address: [email protected]
(812) 331-2800