Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program (APP)
A 2-year post-graduate program offering weekly sessions

The APP provides a solid foundation in the theory and technique of psychodynamic work with adults. The program includes two components: weekly classes and clinical consultation.

The classes comprise a two-year curriculum. Classes take place on Friday mornings, 30 weeks per year. There are 3 classes each week. These include a Theory course, which encompasses historical and contemporary psychoanalytic theory and concepts as well as psychodynamic understandings of development and psychopathology; a Technique course, which focuses on psychodynamic approaches to assessment and intervention; and a clinical conference. In the clinical conference, clinical material presented by students is used as a springboard for the discussion of material presented in the didactic classes.

Each APP student receives weekly consultation session from a member of the CPI faculty. The consultation program is a highly individualized process focusing on the specifics of the challenges of providing in-depth treatment.

In addition, each student is encouraged to have had or be engaged in an in-depth personal psychotherapy. While this is not a requirement of the program, it is highly recommended.

Tuition for the APP is $2800 yearly. Weekly consultation is offered at a discounted rate of $60 per hour.

This class is offered to distance learners via ZOOM. 

Full participation in the activities of the Institute is available to any qualified person regardless of race, color, creed, age, gender, marital status, disability, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.


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For more information concerning the APP, please contact:
Andrew Klafter, MD                                      
[email protected]                           
(513) 474-8900