CPI welcomes you to participate in our new Society, an organization for both clinicians and non-clinicians who have an interest in psychoanalytic thinking and its applications to psychotherapy, the arts and humanities, and contemporary political and cultural trends and events. The Society will provide a community for discussion, exploration, and application of psychoanalytic ideas, and will enhance conversations within the Institute about the importance and relevance of psychoanalytic thinking to the world in all of its variety and complexity. It will include graduates of our programs/former students as well as participants from the broader community.

Membership in the Society will entitle you to attend workshops and seminars at a reduced rate, to have 24/7 access to the online Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing resource, and to play a role in the development of future Society-sponsored workshops and seminars. We welcome the participation of clinicians, academicians, and others who have an interest in sharing and enhancing their psychoanalytic knowledge and in being part of a psychoanalytic community. Cost of Society membership is $250 annually. Current dues paying faculty and tuition paying candidates and students are automatically members

Benefits of Membership

Annual subscription to the PEP-Web 

PEP-Web (Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing Web) provides online full text access to articles from all the major psychoanalytic journals, the Standard Edition of The Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud, and a list of other psychoanalytic books, as well as a collection of videos. These resources are easily accessible from any tablet, computer, or mobile device through the use of the PEP-Web search or browse features. Full-text articles are only view-able by subscribers.

For an individual without Society membership, enrollment in the PEP-Web would cost a $1172 one-time entry fee, and an additional annual subscription fee of $142. PEP-Web membership is included with your Society membership fee.

It is important to note that when you join the Society, there may be a lag time between when you become a Society member and when your PEPWeb membership will become active.  Per our contract with PEPWeb, memberships begin on September 1 and run for one year. We are only able to add new PEPWeb members on specific dates. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Kroeger Vuyk at (513)961-8886 x2 or [email protected]

Kapp Library membership 

The Kapp library, located within CPI, is a valuable resource for those wishing to have       access to psychoanalytic books, journals, and other resources, in addition to the assistance and expertise of a librarian who is familiar with the collection and the psychoanalytic literature.

Members of the Kapp Library enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access over 5,000 books, journals and audio/visual materials with an online catalog available from any electronic device.

  • Obtain journal articles upon request (first 2 articles free; additional articles $3.00 each)

  • Request a database search from the CPI librarian

  • Connect with a CPI faculty member who has expertise in your area of study for a 15-minute phone or in-person meeting to get suggestions of authors, journals, and books.

For non-members, the cost of an annual Kapp Library subscription is $50.

Reduced cost for attendance at workshops  

Over the past five years, CPI has provided workshops featuring renowned clinicians and authors from around the country. These workshops have explored a variety of topics.  A sampling of these includes psychoanalytic understandings of race, ethnicity and cross-cultural issues;  a psychoanalytic lens into the 2016 presidential election;  ethical issues including boundary violations and self-disclosure; epistemological issues involved in the interface between psychoanalysis and related disciplines; contemporary approaches to child psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, including a manualized psychodynamic approach to work with conduct-disordered children; and the evolving landscape of psychoanalytic theories and their implications for psychoanalytic technique. Featured speakers have included Salman Akhtar, MD; Leon Hoffman, MD; Andrea Celenza, PhD; Lawrence Brown, PhD; Peter Goldberg, PhD; Dionne Powell, MD; and Jay Greenberg, PhD. These are internationally renowned speakers and teachers.  We have approximately three workshops per year, in addition to numerous outreach events.

For those attending two or more workshops or outreach events per year at the reduced rate of 50%, this would amount to a savings of approximately $100 per year.  Continuing education credits associated with attendance are available at most events.

We invite you to become a part of the Society in its formative stages. We anticipate that the Society will provide an important “home” for its members, and will be a vital addition to the future endeavors of the Institute.

Please click on the Registration button below to become a member of our Society. After you register, you will begin to receive announcements of upcoming Society-related news and events.

Thank You.