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As Thomas Paine remarked, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” 2020 has been a challenging year for us personally, professionally, politically, and socially. The pandemic and attendant uncertainty has given rise inevitably to intensified anxiety. The losses are immeasurable.

The Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute, with your support, was able to adapt competently to these challenges. In March, CPI initiated all virtual contacts for training and education. Without your support of our technology campaign, this would not have been possible. Our dedicated faculty, staff, and students kept the Institute flourishing during a time of crisis.

Never before has the mental health of our country been so strained. Support for CPI ensures its role as a regional and national leader in psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy training and education, and purveys hope for an essential return to health. With your year-end gift to CPI, you can virtually participate in the continued training and education of fine providers for the next generations.

Please consider your most generous gift this year.

Thank you, 

Lance White, President 
Peter Kotcher, MD., Director

Board of Trustees

Mr. Lance White

Ms. Linda Cornell
Vice President

Dr. Alicia Bridgeland
Mr. Robert Dinerman
Dr. Mary Frederickson
Ms. Andrea Kay
Mr. Peter Levin
Dr. John Parlin  

Ms. Mary Kroeger-Vuyk, MLIS
Administrative Director

Ms. Maria Howard, BA
Marketing Coordinator

Ms. Mary Beth Benken-Riesenberg, BA
Financial Coordinator