Advanced Psychotherapy Program (APP)

A Two-Year Certificate Program

The APP provides a solid foundation in the theory and technique of psychodynamic work with adults. The program includes two components: weekly classes and clinical supervision.


The classes comprise a two-year curriculum. Classes take place on Friday mornings, 32 weeks per year. There are 3 classes each week. These include a Theory course, which encompasses historical and contemporary psychoanalytic theory and concepts as well as psychodynamic understandings of development and psychopathology; a Technique course, which focuses on psychodynamic approaches to assessment and intervention; and a clinical conference. In the clinical conference, clinical material presented by students is used as a springboard for the discussion of material presented in the didactic classes.


Each APP student receives weekly supervision from a member of the CPI faculty. Supervision is a highly individualized process focusing on the specifics of the challenges of providing in-depth treatment.


In addition, each student is encouraged to have had or be engaged in an in-depth personal psychotherapy. While this is not a requirement of the program, it is highly recommended.


Tuition for the APP is $2800. Weekly supervision is offered at a discounted rate of $60 per hour.

 To apply to APP, click here

For more information concerning the APP, please contact:
Andrew Klafter, MD                                      Rita Robertson, MSW                or      
(513) 474-8900                                                (513) 659-0905


Applications can be obtained from the CPI office by calling (513) 961-8886, or by downloading a word.doc version of the application. Click here for the program’s application.